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Double Whammy

Posted on Sun Jan 6th, 2013 @ 2:19pm by Captain Benjamin Byrne & Lieutenant Tettly Biggs & Lieutenant JG Elisabette Souda & Petty Officer 2nd Class Sophie Blaise

Mission: Klingons on the Starboard Bow
Location: USS Endeavour - Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: MD09

"Come!" The Captain called, as he heard the chime of his door. One of the long-range transport shuttles had just docked with the ship, carrying a few officers who couldn't make it to reach them before they left Cestus III, and so as he often did whenever new personnel were to be coming aboard, he had taken to his ready room, ready to help sort out any issues in private and to hold the meetings with the new members of the crew whose role required them to report aboard directly to him.

Sophie led the two new officers into the room and introduced them. "Captain, this is Lieutenant Biggs, our new Chief of Security and this is Junior Lieutenant Souda, our new Chief of Science," she said and stepped aside. He probably already knew what she just said, but it was nice to do a formal introduction for the new people.

"Captain," Tettly offered, saluting with a surprising efficiency and crispness for someone who'd seemed so casual before, "Lieutenant Tettly Biggs reporting for duty, sir."

El briefly wondered what had been passed on from her previous post. Hopefully *only* the good news. "Good afternoon, sir." She responded with the same shy smile that she'd offered Sophie at first.

"Ah, yes, welcome aboard Lieutenants," the captain responded, standing from his chair and moving to give them both a handshake. "Starfleet sent word ahead of you both that your transport would be delayed. I trust there were no problems during your trip."

"No sir, no problems at all," Tettly replied with a broad grin. "This one managed to just about win the shirt of my back in a game of blackjack, but other than that it went just fine," He added with a chuckle. Oh yes, he'd never let her live that down. Reading lips... little cheater!

Sophie arranged two chairs by the desk, so everyone could have a seat and then moved over to the replicator. "Anything to drink, anyone? It was a long trip."

Already having a cup of steaming coffee on his desk, the Captain allowed the question to be directed towards the two newcomers alone, returning to his chair and moving his mug a few centimetres to put it into easier reach as his own answer. "Then I'll make sure to be careful about getting into a game with her," he said, settling back into his chair as he used his arm to indicate the others should take the seats Sophie had just repositioned. "I do hope that you at least allowed him to keep his combadge?"

"I let him win it all back. He's just a little testy that I caught him reading his cards." El mused as she sat, giving Sophie a brief head shake that she didn't need anything. "The trip was pretty smooth aside from being longish. It was no trouble at all."

"I'm glad to hear it," the captain responded. He took a moment to consider the two newcomers, and was pleased to note that both seemed to have developed a rapport with each other rather easily, and would likely fit in very well with the rest of the crew.

"Are either of you aware of the details of the mission?" he asked, turning the conversation back to business. The rest of the senior staff had all been briefed after leaving Cestus, and Benjamin had the feeling that Starfleet would have been reluctant to have transmitted more than the most broad of details to them both en-route.

"Vaguely, sir," Tettly explained. "However, if you're willing to explain in more detail exactly what our plan of action is, I wouldn't complain none."

With everyone settled now, Sophie moved to the back of the room, near the doors. She glanced over at the Captain to see if he still needed her for anything and indicated at the same time she was leaving them to their business. If anything had to happen, she was only a comm call away.

Elisabette shook her head. After receiving her transfer orders, she'd said her goodbyes and gone on her way. In the mix of shuttle after shuttle it was quite possible that she'd simply missed the opportunity to be informed of any news.

"I'll give you the brief version then," Byrne said, giving Sophie a silent nod of appreciation. The Endeavour was his first assignment where he had any need of an assistant, but he found himself now in the situation where his job would be so much more difficult without her. "Starfleet has been concerned for some time about the growing tensions and the Cold War between the Klingon Empire and the Gorn Hegemony. The Endeavour is one of three starships being sent into the neutral region between the two powers in order to attempt to deter open conflict between them both."

"I've heard there's been some tension in the area," Tettly replied. "I didn't think there'd been any open aggression yet."

"The two have been in a state of Cold War ever since the Klingons recovered from their losses during the Dominion War," Ben elaborated. "Recently there have been skirmishes in the region between the two, but on a relatively small scale - fighting over control of minor, unaligned planets. Our job is to make sure that it doesn't get any worse than that."

"So we're playing nanny with an arsenal. Fun." At least if they had to send someone to a corner there was a hefty threat rating backing up the words. "So when do we start?"

"We'll be crossing the border in two days," the Captain responded. "I'll need you both to get fully up to speed with your departments by then. We will be in a state of constant yellow alert once we leave Federation space, and so I will expect combat readiness from everyone at all times."

Tettly nodded, "We will be, sir. Locked, loaded, and ready to rock... er... figuratively speaking, of course."

"We'll be ready, sir." El replied right on the heels of Tettly's words. She started to fidget, eager to get a look at the various labs assigned to the Science department.

"Glad to hear it," the captain responded. "Welcome aboard. Dismissed."

Captain Benjamin J. Byrne
Commanding Officer

Lieutenant Tettly Biggs
Chief of Security

Lieutenant JG Elisabette Souda
Chief Science Officer


Petty Officer Sophie Blaise
Captain's Yeoman
USS Endeavour


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