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Klingon Interlopers

Posted on Mon Mar 18th, 2013 @ 12:47pm by Captain Benjamin Byrne & Lieutenant JG Patok Malroon & Lieutenant JG Nessa Jenarian & Petty Officer 2nd Class Sophie Blaise

Mission: Klingons on the Starboard Bow
Location: USS Endeavour - Bridge
Timeline: During/Following Away Team post

Benjamin sat with one leg crossed over the other as he read through a PADD in his hand, aware of the casual movings-about of the bridge crew around him in his peripheral vision. It always gave him a sense of contentment to be sat on the bridge whilst his officers went calmly about his duties, and he even now still felt a shot of pride at their professionalism.

"Looks like the Klingons and Gorn are staying quiet for once," he commented to Sophie, who was standing just to the side of his chair after having given him the report he was reading, detailing the findings of the other two vessels in the region. "So far the only sighting made has been of a merchant vessel running supplies to a Gorn settlement near their border."

"Could be the calm before the storm, but I sincerely hope that they all agree that attacking each other would be futile," Sophie replied. She knew very well that silence didn't always mean nothing was happening, but her optimistic nature didn't allow her to think about that too much. Both empires could be hot headed, but they weren't stupid.

"Klingons are rarely the ones to shy away from a fight, what with the whole honour thing they have going and all. I'd rather err on the side of caution and assume they are preparing a major assault than expect them to play nice," Nessa said from her position near the science station. She was still a bit uncomfortable with the crew members who hadn't been there for the mission that defined her choice of specialization, but that unease was being overcome by the comfortable familiarity she had when it came to the ship itself.

"The greatest honour history can bestow is that of peacemaker," Sophie said, quoting an Earth president. "Now I know that's a human saying, but even the Klingons won't fight a useless war. They have the Dominion War in the back of their mind just as much as we do, maybe even more."

Nessa looked up from the console to give the petty officer a good look over. She was older, for sure, but the lieutenant couldn't help but give a slight smile at the youthful optimism the other woman exhibited. "Keep in mind that Klingons live for battle. To them, the least honourable thing that could happen is for them to die of old age in a bed somewhere. Then there's the Gorn mentality to consider, what with the concept that the strong deserve all that they can get. They might take a Klingon peace offering, if they were inclined to extend such, as a sign of weakness and as further proof that they deserve to seize control of the empire's territories." With a sigh, Nessa shook her head and closed her eyes for a moment, seemingly gathering her thoughts before adding, "I'd say prepare for an all out war, at least anything less than that coming our way would be a pleasant surprise."

"Prepare for the worst, but hope for the best," Benjamin commented after having listened to the women's exchange. "It's often the best way of dealing with the Klingons or the Gorn."

Nessa smiled toward the captain and gave a curt nod before responding, "Exactly the point I was trying to make, sir."

Sophie nodded as well. It was a wise slogan to live by and she definitely knew that things could be dangerous, but she refused to live in fear.

Patok had been spending much of his time watching for pings from the scanners. They had been quiet for some time, and he hoped there would be another sign of the energy source. He looked up at the view screen, which showed a centered angle of the planet where the survivors were expected to be. For a brief moment, he longed to be down there, to be outside in a natural environment. Spending many months cooped up in a starship would wear on anyone after a while. While the holodeck was a fine consolation, there was something about being in a real ecosystem.

Suddenly, there was a series of beeps. Patok barely had time to look at the scanners before it intensified. “Sir, it appears that there is a ship revealing itself on our stern. It must have been using some sort of cloaking device.”

"Main viewer," the captain answered, sitting straighter in his chair at the sign of potential danger to his crew. The screen switched from the view of the planet arcing below to a Klingon Bird-of-Prey as it decloaked.

“We are being hailed,” Patok added.

"Open a channel."

As the viewscreen switched from the image of the ship to the image of its captain; a burly Klingon male in the uniform of the Klingon Defence Force, though hardly one kept in pristine condition. It looked as if it had seen almost as many battles at the man who wore it.

"Starfleet Captain," the Klingon stated, bluntly. "State your purpose for being in this region of Klingon space."

"I'd be happy to," Benjamin responded casually, leaning back in his chair and tugging his uniform tunic down to straighten out the creases. "If I was in Klingon space. You and I both know that this region isn't recognised as coming under the control of any government."

"The Klingon Empire has laid claim to this region of space!" the Klingon captain responded. "On the authority of the House of Kutar, I order you to withdraw or be fired upon."

Benjamin motioned for the channel to be muted as he turned his attention to his crew. "House of Kutar?" he asked, directing his question towards Nessa. "Do you know anything of them?"

"Nothing solid, captain," Nessa responded as she moved away from the science console and made her way over next to the captain's chair. "Pretty much just rumours about them not playing nice with the High Council and having some kind of agenda of their own, but without much merit. Might be a good idea to see if the Council would be willing to back these claims of the Empire having taken possession of this region. In the meantime, might be a good idea to stall them. Wouldn't want to end up starting a war between the Federation and the Empire just yet."

Sophie nodded. "We've encountered them with the Lamarck two or three times. At that time it seemed that they would do whatever the Council, or the Federation, would let them get away with. To them the rules of the Empire are merely guidelines." They were Klingons, they liked to shove people around and boast about it. Nothing new there.

“Captain, the Klingon vessel does not appear to be at full strength. It appears to have sustained some damage from a prior conflict. There is little chance that they would survive a fair fight with the Endeavour. One is curious of the Klingon’s display of confidence and would be wary of reinforcements.”

"I have a feeling that if they did have reinforcements to hand, they'd be showing a much stronger hand," the captain commented thoughtfully. "Even in its prime a K'Vort class bird of prey wouldn't stand a chance against the Endeavour." To Nessa, he commented; "If a skirmish was ever a reason for the Klingons to enter open war with us, then I believe this ship has already crossed that line. They may have been the ship that caused our survivors on the planet below to flee their ship. Resume audio," he ordered, turning back to the bridge front.

As the channel was re-opened, Benjamin stood and took a few steps closer to the view screen, consciously trying to emulate the behaviour that most Klingons would respond to. "Captain, you have scanned our vessel and you know that we have scanned yours. You are no match for our ship, and until I hear an official and recognised claim to this system by the Klingon High Council, I will not leave it. I suggest that you save yourself the dishonourable disgrace of being swatted away like a pi'Nak fly and withdraw. Byrne out."

As the screen reverted to the view of the Bird of Prey's exterior, Benjamin returned to his seat. "Target phasers," he said calmly, reinforcing his final statement to the Klingon captain as he and the rest of the crew waited to see what their counterparts would do.

Sophie took hold of the Captain's chair and the chair next to her, bracing herself for impact. Whether the Klingons would counter attack or not, this wasn't going to be a smooth ride.

"Targeting phasers, Sir," came the voice of the tactical officer. It took less than a second to add, "Bird of prey weapons systems targeted. Ready to fire at your command, captain."

Nessa's face fell for just a moment with the way the Klingon situation was going, but she quickly recovered and returned her features to a neutral expression before bracing herself, though not in quite the obvious way Sophie was doing, choosing to simply take on a wider stance, redistributing her weight for better balance. "I still say contacting the High Council might not be a bad idea, Sir. Worst case, we figure out if these fellows are actually acting under orders and know how many reinforcements they might be able to bring against us."

Ben stayed quiet for a moment, eyes glued to the viewscreen. After what felt like minutes, but was probably less than one, the Klingon ship began moving - shimmering as it slowly began to turn and head away from the Endeavour, re-engaging its cloaking device. Benjamin tried to let out the tension he felt in his shoulders that he hadn't realised had built there without the rest of the bridge crew taking notice. "If they looked as if they might actually be acting under orders from the KDF, then I might have," he told the lieutenant, before turning and offering her one of his lop-sided grins. "But one of the things that I have learnt about Klingons is that when they try to bluff you, the best thing you can often do is bluff right back... especially if you have the firepower to reinforce it."

He stood from his chair and moved forward a little, turning to face the tactical station. "Power down the phasers, but keep an eye out." He directed the last instruction towards Patok at operations as well. "They may still be lurking out there. Lieutenant Malroon, you have the bridge. Get me a line to Qo'Nos and divert it to my ready room. Sophie, check on the commander and the away team. Lieutenant," he beckoned Jenarian to follow him as he moved towards the starboard side of the bridge and his own private office.

"Yes Captain," Sophie said. She had released the iron grip she had on the chairs and moved to a panel to get in touch with the away team. They probably hadn't noticed anything from what had happened here and she could imagine it was easier for them that way.

With a nod of her head, Nessa turned and followed the captain toward the office, a look of slight confusion on her features at the concept of being reprimanded for questioning orders, but immediately dismissed it. After all, if it was going to happen, it was going to happen and there was no point in worrying about it.

Captain Benjamin J. Byrne
Commanding Officer

Lieutenant JG Patok Malroon
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Lieutenant JG Nessa Jenarian
Contact Specialist

Petty Officer Sophie Blaise
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