NCC - 86105
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Bringing Her Home..

Posted on Mon Oct 26th, 2009 @ 4:01pm by Lieutenant JG David Solomon

Mission: Character Background
Location: Bridge ~Deck 1, USS Victory
Timeline: Late 2384

The remaining bridge crew of the USS Victory stared out at the beautiful vista of Earth that stretched before them. After the near destruction of the Victory by the Romulans and the death of the senior staff, the view of Earth was a dream come true. Dave sat in the center chair, he looked around the blackened and burned bridge of the Victory, he thought of the battle that had occurred less than a week before.

"Return Fire!" Came the voice of Captain Johnson, the ship's Commanding Officer. "Primary weapons destroyed sir." Lieutenant Edwards yelled back, from the Tactical Station, just as the console exploded, sending sparks and the Lieutenant's limp body onto the blackened carpet. "Get us out of here ensign!" The Captain yelled. "Aye sir." Dave responded from the helm, the ship's Chief Helmsman had been killed minutes earlier.

The Ceiling of the bridge started to collapse, a giant hunk of metal fell from the ceiling and pierced the captain's chest.. He motioned for Dave to come closer.. "Get her home.." he said into Dave's face, before his head fell limp.. Dave ran back to the helm console and engaged the emergency escape button. Sparks flew from every console, as the ship speed away faster than light..

"Captain.." came the voice of Chief Roberts from the helms console, "Yes chief." Dave responded, "Stardock is signaling.." Dave sat up in the command chair, open a channel. "Stardock, this is the USS Victory, request permission to dock." The female voice came out from the speakers on the bridge, "Welcome home Victory, sit back and enjoy the ride.." Dave responded, "Victory confirms."

Lieutenant Junior Grade David Solomon
Chief Flight Control Officer
USS Endeavour NCC-86105


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