NCC - 86105
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Posted on Sun Jun 9th, 2013 @ 6:46pm by Captain Benjamin Byrne & Commander Gaius Ra-Xialii & Lieutenant Horatio Hawke

Mission: Remnant Part 1
Location: USS Endeavour - Bridge
Timeline: Day 1

As the Endeavour speed through Klingon space at warp, the empire's outer border with the neutral space of the corridor was fast approaching, along with their rendezvous with the USS Scimitar. Benjamin had already been in touch with Starfleet and informed them about their rescue of the Tomahawk's crew, and of the death of Lieutenant Biggs, and the Scimitar was going to return the Tomahawk survivors to Cestus III for debriefing, and provide the Endeavour with a small number of new personnel. Lieutenant Biggs' replacement was due to arrive later in the day via shuttlecraft.

"Time until rendezvous coordinates, Mister Hawke?" Benjamin asked from where he sat in his command chair, one leg crossed over the knee of the other.

Having watched the numbers tick down for the past thirty minutes, Horatio didn't need to consult his console before answering, "About two minutes, Captain."

"Bring us out of warp," the captain ordered, standing and tugging the creases out of his uniform jacket as he did so. "Proceed at full impulse from here." The journey at impulse speeds would take a matter of minutes now, considering their proximity to their destination, and it was a far safer option to arrive at impulse rather than to attempt to make a precise drop from warp speeds to a full stop at a specific set of coordinates, in close proximity to another starship. "Do we have the Scimitar on sensors?"

"Aye aye, sir," Hawke replied, tapping the controls and bringing the Endeavour out of warp. "Warp drive disengaged. Engaging full impulse."

"Aye, sir," Gable responded from the security station, after checking the sensors.

"Open a channel." As the communication line was opened, Benjamin unconsciously stood a little straighter. "Scimitar, this is Captain Byrne of the Endeavour."

"Captain Byrne, this is Colonel Shafto of the Scimitar, Welcome to the sector," The man on the viewscreen replied.

"The same to you, Colonel," Benjamin responded. Technically, for the Endeavour at least, it was welcome back -they still had to complete their patrol route from before the Tomahawk distraction to their mission. "We're a few minutes out from the rendezvous - are you ready for the personnel transfer once we arrive?"

"Ready and willing. Feel a little wasted being a glorified courier, Scimitar will be on station for the next 48 hours if the need for backup arises," Shafto said, the eagerness evident in his voice.

"Thank you, Colonel. We'll have a comm. line ready and waiting should we require assistance. We'll be at the rendezvous in," the captain paused to look over Hawke's shoulder at the readout on the helm station. "Seven minutes. Prepare to receive our transporter signal as soon as we are on station. Endeavour out."

As the communication line closed, Benjamin returned to his chair at the centre of the bridge. "Hawke, as soon as we reach the coordinates, switch thrusters to station-keeping. Number One, I want you to oversee the transfer. Patok; once we're at station-keeping, begin energising in conjunction with the Scimitar transporter chief."

"Aye aye, sir," Hawke replied. It was a pretty standard operation.

Captain Benjamin J. Byrne
Commanding Officer

Commander Gaius Ra-Xialii (Playing Colonel Shafto)
First Officer


Lieutenant Horatio Hawke
Chief Helmsman
USS Endeavour


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